Terms and Conditions

“Schedule B” - Terms and Conditions for OceanBreeze Estates. Effective September 25, 2010


The lease is a twelve month, year-to-year lease.  With notice in writing given to the landlord three months prior to the expiry of the lease, the tenant can choose to change to a month-to-month lease.


Rent, as determined by the lease, shall be paid on the first of each month.  Rent will be paid by pre-authorized withdrawl only.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of half of one month’s rent is required.  It shall be returned, plus applicable interest, after the final inspection once the tenant has vacated the property.

Tenant’s Insurance

All tenants are required to obtain and provide annually proof of tenant’s insurance.


Only tenants identified on the lease are permitted to live on the premises.  Living on the premises shall be defined as staying fourteen consecutive nights or 20 nights in a 30 day period.  This clause shall be waived with approval from the landlord.

Tenants agree to provide and accept quiet enjoyment of the apartment community.


All units at Ocean Breeze Estates are non-smoking.  

Any tenant who smokes in an Ocean Breeze Estates apartment will pay all related cleaning expenses.


Pets are subject to landlord approval, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Pets are not to be tied up, left to roam free, or left unattended outside.

Owners are responsible for cleaning up all messes left from their pets.

Any damage to a unit caused by a pet will be deducted from the security deposit or paid for by the tenant at a rate of $28/hr.

Changes to the exterior of the building

With landlord approval, tenants shall be permitted to plant and maintain personal gardens and flowerbeds. All costs of planting and maintaining the flowerbeds are the responsibility of the tenant.

No permanent changes shall be made to the exterior of the building.

No satellite dishes shall be placed on the outside of the building.